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Album of the Week: Sløtface

The Norwegian punk rocker’s release their second album, Sorry For The Late Reply.

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Released via Propeller Recordings, Norwegian four-piece Sløtface follow up 2017’s debut with an all-encompassing mix of hard-hitting riffs and melodious calls for action.

Known for their political attitudes, feminist lyrics and often angsty delivery, the Stavanger based outfit offer up catchy and darkly humorous songs about the state of the world set to a jubilant backdrop of slapping bass and thrashing riffs.

Sløtface’s second effort, Sorry For The Late Reply, is as fun as it is fierce – the perfect storm of grungy tinged pop-rock with plenty of punk undertones co-produced by Odd Martin Skålnes and the band themselves – who also spent time performing in Norwegian prisons as part of an arts initiative.

A step-up from their debut, they’ve kept their feisty spirit and ramped it up a notch.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S, an angsty track about pushing yourself to be the best you can be, is destined to encourage huge crowd chants with its verses lead by a consistent thrumming bass, while Telepathic might be their wildest track yet; a riotous pop-punk masterpiece.

Sløtface - Telepathetic (Official Music Video)

Stuff is a poppy stomper with a layered chorus of chanting backing harmonies, while New Year New Me slows the pace with its enchanting melody, all the while admitting that noobody fundamentally changes at the turn of a new year, despite their claims to do so.

Crying in Amsterdam (reprise) is the closest thing to a Sløtface pop ballad, with distant and delicate vocals layered over elegant piano chords.

Sorry For The Late Reply unfolds as a leap forward from their excellent debut, full of momentous pop-punk bangers. It’s an energetic collection well worth waiting for.


1. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
2. Telepathic
3. Stuff
4. Luminous
5. Tap the Pack
6. New Year, New Me
7. Passport
8. Crying in Amsterdam
9. Laughing At Funerals
10. Static
11. Sorry for the Late Reply
12. Sink or Swim
13. Crying in Amsterdam (reprise)

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