Six reasons The Rolling Stones’ EXHIBITIONISM is going to be THE exhibition of 2016

The Rolling Stones are opening a huge exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (twice the size of some of their most successful exhibits) showcasing items from their personal and private collections.

Here are 6 massive reasons EXHIBITIONISM is going to be THE mega exhibition of the year…

1. Every band member is personally involved in curating the exhibition – the result? There are over 550 original artefacts on display, most of which have never been seen before, meanings it’s a legitimate treasure trove for fans.

2. There’s a backstage tour! They’ve only gone and recreated their live stage performance in one of the galleries, including a backstage area to create an immersive experience of their concert performance.

3. Famous photographer pals have contributed. Images shot by photo big guns David Baily, Michael Cooper and more are all going to be on display.

4. Fashion – it’s fair to say the band have rocked some pretty strong looks over the years, and the Style and Fashion Gallery is going to show off 90 original costumes from top designers including Prada, Dior, JP Gautier, Gucci ….the list goes on.

5. There’s an interactive Recording and Song Writing Gallery. They’ve recreated scenes of the band recording in London’s Olympic Studios, complete with rare footage, original lyric books and a world of original instruments.

6. The Edith Grove Gallery – this is not a person, it’s a street. In fact, it’s the band’s first flat, recreated in 4D and set in the 1960s. Edith Grove is close to the band’s hearts, and this exhibition of ‘life in Edith Grove’ tells the story of the bands influences, first UK tour and Mick and Keith’s famous reunion at Dartford station.

EXHIBITIONISM runs at the Saatchi Gallery between 5 April – 4 September 2016, book now at