Review: Years & Years hit their stride at London’s Heaven

Anyone who’s tracked the incredible rise of Years & Years should be feeling suitably smug as the London trio headline two nights at Heaven.

“This is basically our first headline tour,” admits frontman Olly Alexander, who appears to have maintained all levels of innocence through the band’s recent success.

Having topped the BBC Sound of 2015 poll at the beginning of this year, tonight’s headline show feels more like the calm before the storm. With a No.1 single in new track, King, things are only getting bigger from here.

“It’s so nice to be at home playing for you guys,” the singer says early on, as the crowd busy themselves by screaming at his signature dance moves.

Years and Years, Heaven review

Desire, King and Take Shelter are the expected highlights, with the band navigating their way around a vivid light show.

Olly dips in and around more lasers than the band are clearly accustomed to, doing so with an endearing confidence that suggests this band are probably the most modest men in the Top 40 chart right now.

“How cool were the lasers?! Oh my gosh, we’ve never had lasers before, it’s really quite exciting,” Olly exclaims with as much enthusiasm as his fans.

Testing a handful of new tracks confirms that Years & Years are only just hitting their stride. If you get a chance to catch this band before they really blow up, I suggest you take it.

Expect them to be sound-tracking festival season, Ibiza and beyond in 2015.