Review: Seafret pack plenty of acoustic charm at The Red Gallery

The Red Gallery is a fusion of the arts; blending visual displays and live music to keep the creative juices flowing for those who step inside.

So I did what any good punter would do, and wandered through the art gallery, skipped down the spiralled staircase and landed in a world where live music felt altogether too dreamy to be real.

Kelvin Jones was Seafret’s charming support act for the evening. Despite being so mellow in song, he was fiery in humour; keeping the mood light with regular lol moments.

Does he dance funny? He certainly thinks so.

Kelvin Jones - Closer (Official Audio)

By the time the Seafret boys were on stage, the room seemed smaller – with the audience standing shoulder to shoulder. By the end of their first song the Yorkshire duo had the crowd hypnotised; Jack’s expressive, husky vocals perched alongside Harry’s downbeat, smooth guitar playing.

The acoustic duo looked effortless under the spotlight, as they successfully managed to charm the crowd as much with their stage chat, as with the songs themselves. Listen to Seafret’s most recent release, Atlantis, for proof…

Seafret - Atlantis (Official Video)