Review: Lights is sensational at sold out London shows

Fresh from a stint aboard on Paramore’s Parahoy! cruise, Canadian songstress Lights takes to the stage in Hoxton, London for the first show of a two sold out nights.

Lights, music, action!

One of the most promising singer-songwriters of her generation, Lights has always been on the cusp of exploding into the big time. Maybe it’s her ‘gamer-geek’ sensibilities, maybe mainstream audiences don’t get her unique vision or maybe, everyone else just needs to catch up to her, but for some reason she hasn’t quite managed to break out into the big leagues thus far.

More fool those who aren’t paying attention however, as those in the know who squeeze into to the packed out Hoxton Bar & Kitchen tonight are treated to fifteen songs of pure synth-pop perfection.


“Can you move your hips so I can move mine?”

Appearing on stage amidst a flurry of screams and raised hands, Lights and her backing band head straight into From All Sides and Toes as the party begins. Her intoxicating vocals and stage presence ensure that all eyes are on the stage throughout, while the electro beats provide a high octane soundtrack for the crowd to dance to with abandon as Lights asks, “Can you move your hips so I can move mine?”, playing the audience effortlessly.


‘It’s hard to outshine someone as charismatic as Lights’

Focusing mainly on 2014 album Little Machines, songs like Muscle Memory and Same Sea are given extra vigour live, with the backing band really proving their worth song by song. That said, it’s hard to outshine someone as charismatic as Lights and when the acoustic guitar is brought out for Meteorites, she leaves the crowd with a severe case of the feels. Responding to the requests of the more over-eager fans in the crowd, Cactus in the Valley gets a rare acoustic outing before Portal and The Last Thing on Your Mind keep the emotion levels at an all-time high.

Before we all burst into tears, she kicks up the tempo with a lively rendition of Running with the Boys, reviving the crowd’s dancing feet within seconds.


Up she goes

Ripping into a pre-packaged glass of Marks & Spencer’s wine, Lights laughs and jokes with the crowd as if they’re old friends. Many of them probably are, as she has a seriously loyal following, showcased tonight by the amount of fans wearing her merchandise at the gig. Wrapping up the set with a cloud kicking Up We Go and a grandiose performance of Banner letting her ever soaring vocals taking centre stage, it’s hard to imagine Lights playing venues of the size for much longer. With acoustic album Midnight Machines coming out in less than a month, we hope the momentum keeps rolling for this genuine talent. Taylor and Ellie, watch your backs.

Words: Callum Galbraith

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