Review: Jake Bugg at London Palladium

Jake Bugg impresses with his acoustic show at London's Palladium.

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Nottingham-born singer Jake Bugg treated his audience to a stellar acoustic performance at London’s Palladium on 26 February as part of his acoustic tour across the UK.

With just two guitars and a microphone, the 24-year-old captured the attention of his crowd with every chord. Kicking off his set with How Soon the Dawn, the opening track on his recently released album Hearts That Strain, he set the tone for the night and showed us what he’s made of.

Though Jake has had hype around him since releasing his debut record in 2012, it hasn’t affected his humbleness or the authenticity that makes him so likeable. Mixing old and new tracks really shows off just how far he’s come, his evolution as a songwriter and his progression as an artist. That was especially true in this solo acoustic show, with no frills, no band, no backup vocals – his uniqueness shines through.

With tracks like Trouble Town, Me and You and Simple As This he satisfied the audiences’ need, displayed in consistent song requests shouted between tracks, for his older material. But that’s not to say that songs off Hearts That Strain aren’t just as good in the majestic setting that is the London Palladium.

And after a few song requests from the crowd, Jake proclaimed that actually, “I don’t feel like playing a Jake Bugg song right now.” So instead, he treated us to a rendition of Neil Young’s Old Man. No complaints on our end – covering an icon like Neil Young isn’t an easy task, but Bugg honoured Young’s talent in the best way possible.

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