Review: Fictonian gets experimental at unique St Pancras Old Church gig

Fictonian, along with support from Stephanie Fraser, lit up the historic, candle-filled church in what resulted in an enchanting evening of emotive, atmospheric music.

Transforming the altar at St Pancras Old Church is a diverse selection of instruments. We count 13 altogether, from guitars to melodicas, all belonging to tonight’s headliner. First though, Stephanie Fraser stands simply with her lone guitar.

22-year-old Stephanie displays her friendly performance style effortlessly, captivating the room with every note; her voice unblemished. The silence of the church compliments her angelic vocals, weaving their way into the crowd like a spell as they echoed gracefully off the walls.

Fictonian, meanwhile, has been busy causing a stir in the music world. He supported Nick Mulvey last March and hasn’t stopped gaining momentum since. Tonight he graces the stage for the first time alongside his new band – the sounds of birds chirping softly circulated the room as he enters.

Fictonian - Make It Be Ours (Official Video)

This steady build up on his entrance reflects the performance that follows. The earlier part of the set is left lighter and folk orientated, with a fusion of electronic sounds. It’s the latter part of the set that really stands out. The set twists and turns with the build up of instruments becoming more intense, showing a thunderous, electrifying eerie side to Fictonian as the evening concludes.

They are certainly experimenting – and when it’s good, it’s brilliant enough to keep us on our toes. The moment a handle of a suitcase is hit against the surface of the case proves that anything is possible here.

Who knows what he will be producing next, may the experimenting continue – we’ll be listening.

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Fictonian with support from Stephanie Fraser, St Pancras Old Church, 16/07/15