Review: Eivør plays intimate show in London

Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør showcased her big talend at an intimate London show.

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Last week, talented singer-songwriter Eivør kicked off her first ever UK tour with an intimate show at London’s St Pancras Old Church.

Hailing from the Faroese Island town of Syðrugøta, Eivør has a long line of albums under her belt and released her latest project Slør as an English edition just last week. At the age of sixteen she released her self-titled debut album bearing the marks of this fruitful starting point. While an enduring love of Faroese culture remains at the heart of her work, its expression has been widened through profound interaction with other traditions.

On a warm summer night in London, we join the 100-cap venue for what will be a very special show. Starting off the evening is fellow Faroese singer Konni Kass with her piercing and beautiful voice echoing through the room and giving us a taste of what’s to come next.


With it being her first ever UK tour, tonight marks the singer’s debut UK show and you can feel the excitement – both from Eivør herself and from the crowd who greet her with a warm welcome cheer. The mix of her beautiful voice, the crystal clear keyboard sounds, the pounding drums and the perfectly coordinated lighting production lets the listener dive right into the story of the song. During her <em the chapel is filled with red lights pulsating back and forth, percussion for days and Eivør’s floating vocals.

Eivør makes an effort to explain her songs to the audience and the stories behind them. We learn that she grew up in a town where there wasn’t much to do so a “crazy night out” meant going up the hill and getting lost. She also tells us about her close relationship with the ocean and how she drags it with her everywhere she goes.

Her siren-like voice is only amplified in the halls of St Pancras Old Church and gives it a beautifully eerie feel. With songs like Rain, Boxes, Trøllabundin and more she proves that it’s about time UK audiences get to see her live on stage.

Eivør has announced a new set of shows for the UK in November and you can get your tickets now through