Review: Classical Spectacular wows at the Royal Albert Hall

Classical Spectacular…. the name says it all: SPECTACULAR!

Take (popular) classical music, an orchestra of huge proportion (in more ways than one), an angelically harmonious choir, a couple of opera singers, a troop of dancers and fuse it together with an electrifying multi-colour laser and light show that is off the charts, topped with 1000s of balloons falling from the ceiling and some real thundering cannons – yes…. SPECTACULAR!

Classical Spectacular

Classical Spectacular sure is a show to impress which draws loyal audiences to return year after year without fail. Featuring many of the well-known favourites including Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Finale, Puccini’s O Soave Fanciulla from La Bohème, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, Verdi’s Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, Nessun Dorma, Rule, Britannia! and more, this performance is great for the amateur, new to classical, as well as the esteemed, experienced hard-core fans.

Talk about a soirée at the Royal Albert Hall; the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Choral Society, City of London Choir, the Classical Spectacular Dancers, the Band of the Coldsteam Guards, the Band of the Royal Artillery and the Muskets and Cannons of the Moscow Militia all performing under one roof, led by the phenomenal John Rigby.


Being relatively new to classical music myself, I found this show to exceed all my expectations. Both educationally and humorously, Rigby enlightened spectators with an overview of the era and a brief blurb as to what was coming – greatly appreciated my side, thanks! The music was so beautifully performed; where I was blown away by the magnitude and grandeur of such an orchestra. It is a true epitome of team work and working together to achieve one grand, perfect outcome, which this surely was! The light and laser show was out of this world; transcending me into a zone that complimented and enhanced the beauty of the music. Projections of the British flag, wide-spanning laser dots and patterns and alternating colours beamed throughout the Royal Albert, filling the room with an ambiance like none-other.


The energy of the finale wrapped up the show with such splendour – in a big way! The magnificent 1812 Overture performed by the 200+ band members was breathtaking! I do love a bit of audience participation – imagine the Royal Albert consumed by 1000s of British flags waving, people swaying, singing and metaphorically floating…. All this crowned with indoor fireworks, firing cannons and balloons peacefully falling from above like a slow motion scene from a romantic film. There is nothing like this! It is truly SPECTACULAR!