Review: Adele is simply stunning at Manchester Arena show

Adele‘s 2016 tour is sweeping the UK as we speak, and last night’s stunning show at Manchester was no exception. 

Adele Manchester Arena review

If anyone knows about breaking records it’s the one and only Adele

It’s Thursday night in a packed out Manchester Arena and we are ready for the weekend because Adele is back after four years. And what a comeback; a 106-date sold-out tour, over 1 billion views of Hello on YouTube, and over 19 million copies of her 25 album sold worldwide. The show begins with an eruption of cheers as Adele’s eyes open on the gigantic screen to the familiar sound of  ‘Hello’.

Her new album could have been very different

The atmosphere is electric and Adele has attracted an audience of all ages. In between songs she chats to the audience, showing how really down to earth she is and telling us that her new album was nearly solely written about her son. She is also banned from alcohol tonight as if she had one drink ‘that would be it!’ She ducks down for a few selfies, but not off the stage as, she tells us, she nearly had her hair pulled out by a crazy fan a few nights earlier.

Adele Manchester Arena review

It really is a sight to behold

From there, the set takes us through her hugest hits old and new, with the audience singing along to every word. It really is a sight to behold and each song ends with standing ovations. Set Fire to the Rain sees her surrounded by a wall of rain, while Skyfall simply demonstrates what won her an Oscar.

Someone Like You is still the standout moment 

We were especially excited to hear Someone Like You as it was the pivotal moment in her career, and the song that made most of us stand up and take notice back in 2011. She gushes as the 20,000 crowd sing along. There are even a few moments where she has a tear in her eye and exclaims “she’s normally a happy, bubbly person”.

Adele Manchester Arena review

Can we go to another show please?

Confetti signed with her lyrics falls dramatically at the end of Rolling in the Deep and the crowd surround the front of the stage to wave goodbye. There’s no doubt about it, Adele has blown us away with her sheer humbleness, leaving the arena wanting more. Anyone with tickets to remaining dates won’t be disappointed.

Adele, Manchester Arena, 10/3/16

Words and photos: Adel Hanily