Do you remember these awesome Download moments?

With less than 15 weeks to go until the annual pilgrimage to the spiritual home of rock, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite memories since Download first opened its doors in 2003.

Black Sabbath’s atmospheric headline slot
When Black Sabbath headlined Download Festival in 2012, everything just fell into place. It featured their biggest hits, including War Pigs and closer Paranoid, performed by almost the full original line-up. “When we first formed 40 years ago, I had no idea we’d be here doing this,” they beamed, proving themselves as definitive rock royalty. Truly memorable.

Slipknot’s first ever UK festival headline slot
Slipknot have now become one of Download’s most loved bands, with their energetic set. By the time they first headlined in 2009, they had already graced the Download Festival stages twice before. They have now celebrated the main spot in three different years.

Steward 836
Everyone loved 836 after he threw up the horns before Linkin Park’s 2011 set. He, like many other stewards at Download, are always up for some laughs while keeping us safe and informed.

Download Festival 2011 - The Legend Of 836

This view…
Nothing compares to walking into the main arena for the first time and seeing the sheer magnitude of what lies ahead.

The Village
From a cinema to rides, from food and drink to your favourite club nights – everything you need to complete the weekend can be found here.

The Third Stage
Every year we dive into the third stage tent to escape for just a minute, and end up discovering a brand new band that we end up loving. The newly named Avalanche Stage is home to punk and new metal bands, and is always full of surprises.

Stephen Sutton Memorial
Ask any Download Festival regular and they will tell you that Download is like a massive family, which could be seen in 2014 when the festival played tribute to cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton, and even named the main stage after him.

Tribute to Stephen Sutton (Download Festival 2014)

Who are Iceman Thesis?
They came on stage with masked faces, and although there have been many a theory, still no one knows for sure who Iceman Thesis really were… Who do you think they were?

Iceman Thesis - 'Iceman Thesis Is Dead' | Metal Hammer

AC/DC’s extra stage
2010 saw AC/DC bring their own stage to Download Festival, complete with a runaway train, loads of pyro and a 21-gun salute for the finale of For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).

AC/DC @ Download, Donington 2010. Whole Lotta Rosie live

Mötley Crüe’s last ever UK festival appearance
Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nicky Sixx and Mick Mars said a mighty goodbye to fans at Donington Park in 2015.

Mötley Crüe - Wild Side (Live Download Festival 2015

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