Q&A: Lights on her ’80s synth style and favourite pop songs

Since getting signed at 15, Canadian musician Lights Poxleitner has been fine-tuning her singer/songwriter talents to become one of the hottest new artists to know right now.

So while we countdown to the starlet’s return to the UK – watch this space for something exciting in 2016 – we chat touring, writer’s block and favourite pop songs with Lights here…

You recently released your new single Up We Go, what’s the reaction to that and your album Little Machine been like so far?

“Every single reaction has been so positive, which is so nice considering the writer’s block I was dealing with for the creation of that album. Now I’m just greedy and want more and more people to hear it.”

Lights - Up We Go [Official Music Video]

For anyone who hasn’t come across your music yet, what do they need to know about you, your influences and your sound? 

“I make big beat, small girl, ’80s synth faery power pop. My fans are the most dedicated and inspiring people on the planet. I’m influenced mostly by coffee and candy, fantasy and apocalyptic graphic novels, and the idea that we can create our own reality. I guess I’ve been doing that my entire life.”

Have you always wanted to be in a band and what would you be doing if it wasn’t performing?

“I would probably have ended up in visual arts, illustration or animation. Or do weird voices in a kids show!”

What would be your three main pieces of advice for young artists looking to break into the music industry?

“Know yourself and your craft before you walk into the industry. Work at it until you know what your strong points are and what you have to offer that is uniquely you. People will try to steal, change or make you, but if you have that vision to guide you, no one can stop you.”

Lights headshot

Will you be back in the UK for a tour soon and what do you like about touring the UK?

“Hopefully we’ll be back in 2016. I like playing in the UK because shows there are just legit.  They feel raw like a real show, no smoke and lights. I think people over there see through that more than they do here, so it really forces you to keep your chops up. And a cheeky Nando’s!”

As for touring in general, how do you find life on the road? 

“It’s exhausting, lonely at times, so incredibly rewarding, and a complete work out. Singing and jumping around for 75 minutes a night really gets the old cardio up. 

And what tracks are on your tour bus / dressing room playlist right now?

“Lean on  by Major Lazer, Never Gonna Change by Broods and What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber.”

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