Pulled Apart By Horses release The Big What If video

As they prepare to open up for Twin Atlantic, Pulled Apart By Horses unveil the video for The Big What If.

The track is the first piece of new material by the band to appear since 2014’s Blood.

Pulled Apart By Horses - The Big What If

“For this video we buddied up with close acquaintances and immersed ourselves in the beautifully absurd world of Lord Whitney”, says drummer Tommy Davidson. “Pushing ourselves to new physical and mental limits, we took part in an experiment to battle the effects of sleep deprivation. We went to desperate measures to remain conscious, things got weird and we found ourselves trapped somewhere between the stark reality of a bare hospital ward and a harsh, surreal dystopian landscape.”

The band will also be playing a handful of series of headline shows in April 2017.

Tickets for both Twin Atlantic and Pulled Apart By Horses are on sale now through