Preview: Five Kano tracks we can’t wait to hear live at Heaven

Kano headlines London’s Heaven TONIGHT. Ticketmaster’s Hilda Wandawa tells us the tracks she can’t wait to hear live…

In June 2005 a fresh faced young man from East Ham released one of the most honest, gritty and progressive grime albums yet. Kano’s Home Sweet Home gave us clever, insightful rhymes laid over a masterful mix of beats that still had grime at its core. It handed a burgeoning underground grime scene an articulate and artistic interpretation of grime music and life living in the darker corners of London that was accessible. And now ten years on, K-A’s revisiting his banger of an album with gigs in Manchester and London, showing it stands the test of time!

I could not be more excited about this, so in case you’ve forgotten some of the gems littered on this album, here are the five songs I can not wait to hear at Kano’s #HSHRevisited.

Mic Check 1-2

Kano’s cockiness and attitude on this one – with no hint of arrogance – makes you believe he’s the baddest MC.

P’s and Q’s

The tune that threw Kano into the limelight. That booming trumpet line throws you right in the heart of Kano’s London stomping ground while he walks you through his version of street mentality.

Kano - P's and Q's (Official Music Video)

Reload It

Kano’s flow on this is insane and really showed how versatile and skilful a lyricist he is. Plus, who doesn’t love D double E?

Nobody Don’t Dance No More

Kano just wants everyone to dance, and I definitely will be to this.

Kano - Nobody Don't Dance No More

Signs in Life

There’s a lot of honesty and emotion behind this track. Seeing all of that come across live is going to be incredible!

Kano - Signs In Life (Feat Ghetts)