First play: Vexxes share their new video for Lead Us Home

Leeds alt rock outfit Vexxes are sharing their brand new video with us today, and it’s brilliant.

Following our preview of the band’s last video for Enemies, the four-piece are back with more new music for us.

Vexxes say: “We picked Lead Us Home as our second video release because it’s one of the first songs we wrote, and we’re super proud of it.

“With it being such an energetic track, it would have been far easier to throw together another generic performance-based video. Instead we spent a few weeks bouncing ideas back and forth developing a storyboard for a kind of short film.”

Adding: “The epic scenery just seemed like a more fitting way to match the size of the song. We’re so pleased with how the video turned out, Josh has helped us pull off exactly what we had in mind!”

Watch Vexxes’ new video for Lead Us Home here:

VEXXES - Lead Us Home (Official Video)

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