Pop-punksters You Know The Drill get set for debut EP – and we’ve got the first listen!

Don’t be surprised if the you hear the name You Know The Drill a lot over the coming months.

The Birmingham-based, pop-punk quintet are about to release their debut EP, Losing Streak, the title for which is derived from a lyric from lead single Less Than You.

Vocalist Benji Yapp explains: “We felt it was a relevant title as it relates to the hard times in life that everyone goes through, where it just seems to be one bad thing after another.”

But don’t panic new music fans! You Know The Drill aren’t all doom and gloom. The band –completed by Damo Darby, Brad Potter, Jim McCormack and Luke Astley – has a simple mantra: “if it isn’t fun then what’s the point?”

Yapp declares: “We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously and feel that music is very often approached with a straight face, which is why we try to infuse as much fun and laughter into everything we do, whether it’s music videos, our live shows or even just hanging out with fans.”

Losing Streak, however, sees the band stepping up their game: “We are essentially treating this as our first proper release as it is the music that has had the most hard work, effort and love put into it. We are crazy proud of it and every song on it is special to us in one – way or another,” Yapp continued.

You can listen to Losing Streak right here:

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