Playlist: Here are six Deftones deep cuts you might hear on tour

Deftones have reportedly been playing some real rarities on their European dates.

With a handful of mainland European dates already under their belt, Deftones have been airing some deep cuts in their setlists. These are songs that make rare appearances live, or ones that are as beloved as their singles but never celebrated the same amount of airplay or success. Every band has them, hidden deep in their albums, and every fan loves them – especially live.

As Deftones prepare to reach the UK with AFI for three very special dates, we’ve picked some of our favourite surprise tracks from their recent shows.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to be surprised by the setlist, probably stop reading now… Although you’ll then miss out on listening to some of the best Deftones has to offer, to get you even more excited about things to come.

Before we launch into an alternative Deftones listening experience, here are those dates:

5 May – Alexandra Palace, London
6 May – O2 Apollo, Manchester
7 May – SEC Centre, Glasgow

Taken from their divisive 2006 full-length, Saturday Night Wrist, Kimdracula is one of the rare songs from the record to have broken through into their live performance. It helps that it’s stunningly beautiful, and a key example of the moments of brilliance contained on the album.

Making its first live appearance since 2011, Korea is taken from Deftones’ iconic White Pony. It’s indicative of the band’s unsettling sound, haunting and heavy in equal measure.

Another semi-regular staple of the Deftones set, Headup takes audiences right back to 1997’s Around The Fur. The track took some time out of their live rotation until a few years back, when the band opted to re-showcase their technical prowess and gritty heavy side.

Time to get really deep. Teething first appeared on the soundtrack for the 1996 movie, The Crow: City of Angels. The band can even be seen performing the track in one of the scenes. In a live setting, it hasn’t really made an appearance since the turn of the century… until now.

Minus Blindfold
The second track form 1995’s Adrenaline, Minus Blindfold is a complex whirlwind of atypical metal. Other than being a mainstay in their set around its release, and again in 2006, it hasn’t found a way into a Deftones live set for over ten years.

Deftones-Minus Blindfold Lyrics

Back To School (Mini Maggit)
Despite being one of Deftones most recognisable songs, especially for any turn of the century rock club veterans, Back To School has only made fleeting appearances live. The band have in the past written the track off, even calling it a “mistake”. They now appear to have shaken that off, maybe in time for their trio of UK shows?

Deftones - Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Official Music Video) / (Live Video) | Warner Vault

There’s obviously no guarantee any of the above will make an appearance, but by all accounts, there’s no better time to be a Deftones fan, or to catch them live.

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