Playlist: There are more baby animal bands than you’d think

With Foals headlining Citadel Festival, it got us thinking about all the bands with baby animals in their name…

It took all of five minutes after Foals’ UK festival exclusive at Citadel Festival was announced before a voice in the office piped up. “I wonder what other bands are named after baby animals?” it asked. Queue an impromptu break from our computer screens as we launched into a hastily compiled list of musical animal offspring. The Offspring themselves were quickly vetoed of course due to their name’s generality.

Here’s some of what we came up with. If you think you can do better, collective internet hive mind, then let us know on Twitter.

We’ll start off with the one that triggered the conversation. A foal is a baby horse, just in case you’ve reached this point wondering what we are on about. It also explains the picture up top too. Now everything is foaling into place.

FOALS - Birch Tree [Official Music Video]

First Aid Kit
Perhaps not the most obvious one, a “kit” is a baby… well… loads of animals. Beaver, ferret, fox, rabbit, racoon, skunk, squirrel and wolverine are just the start. Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit might not have had these in mind, but that hasn’t stopped us putting two and two together. We’re sly as a fox, you see.

First Aid Kit - Emmylou (Official Video)

New Kids On The Block
Not just referring to the generalisation of “kids”, it’s also a baby goat. We’re not kidding around here. There’s loads of bands to choose from here, from Kid Rock to Comeback Kid. We plonked for New Kids Of The Block.

New Kids On The Block - You Got It (The Right Stuff)

Hey, this one has got an adult and a baby in the name. The Brighton trio are harnessing the power of baby bears and big cats.

This one is pretty self explanatory. The Toronto punk-rockers might not make music to match the small, adorable nature of a young dog, but they definitely harness some of their ferocity. Small parental guidance on this video too.

PUP - SLEEP IN THE HEAT (Official Video)

This one’s just far too easy. It’s like electronic genre-benders Lamb knew that this playlist was coming, and laid it all out on the table for us. They are definitely not being sheepish.

Lamb - What Makes Us Human

Dixie Chicks
We’re going big with this one. Country superstars Dixie Chicks probably aren’t referring to an infant bird, but to help our playlist take off, we’ll presume they are.

The Chicks - Top of the World (Official Video)

Atomic Kitten
And for good measure, and because no baby animal playlist is complete without a cuddly-but-vicious-in-a-second young cat, here’s some turn of the century pop from Atomic Kitten. Just don’t get catty if you don’t appreciate it.

Atomic Kitten - Whole Again (Official Video)

There you have it, the playlist you never knew you needed. Foals are headlining Citadel Festival on the 16 July 2017. Grab tickets now through