Paperless Ticketing: Putting tickets in the hands of real fans

This morning tickets for The Reflektors went on sale, and understandably demand was high. As a result many of us missed out on the tickets, but thankfully they should end up in the hands of real fans as they’re Paperless.

Paperless? Yes, you read right. Paperless ticketing is an initiative that was developed by Ticketmaster in 2009 and is a proven way of getting tickets directly into the hands of genuine fans, whilst ensuring they pay the price intended by the artist – and not a penny more.

Paperless was a direct response to artists’ requests to stop the resale of their tickets.

When purchasing a ticket like this, fans aren’t given a traditional paper ticket. The card used at the time of booking is the method of entry to the event. Fans are simply asked to take along their confirmation of booking (booking reference number), the credit or debit card used to make the purchase and a form of photo ID (passport or driving license).

As you can see, this means there is no easy way of transferring the ticket to someone else.

Sometimes people do try to get around this. If tickets to a Paperless event like this are sold on other sites, they may not be legitimate and are unlikely to be accepted at the venue. The point of Paperless is that tickets only go to people who really want them, sold at the price set.