Madonna’s top five Rebel Heart lessons

Madonna mania is in full swing, as tickets for her Rebel Heart tour went on sale this week. In anticipation of the December shows, we round up five things we’ve learned from her 13th studio album.

1. The album focuses on two themes; listening to your heart and being a rebel. It was Madonna’s work with Avicii’s team of writers which helped her to narrow the record down to these two key ideas. Unintentionally so, as she’s previously confirmed, but now the basis to her 2015 world tour.

2. Living for Love is the ultimate break-up song – but it isn’t mopey, oh no. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna said: “Nobody writes about having a broken heart and being hopeful and triumphant afterwards. So I thought, how can I do this? I didn’t want to share the sentiment of being a victim. This scenario devastated me, but it just made me stronger.”

Madonna - Living For Love (Official Video)

3. Unapologetic Bitch, then, is the next step in the break-up story. The part where Madonna picks herself up and brushes herself off. In the same RS interview, the iconic singer said: “You think you’re going to ruin my life and you think that it’s over for me, but guess what? It’s not. Life goes on.”

4. Working with Nicki Minaj on Bitch I’m Madonna allowed the headstrong singers to open up in the studio. A back and forth process saw Minaj turn Madonna’s original sentiments into one of the best collaborations on the new record. *Prays that they perform together on tour*

5. Madonna wanted every song to be able to be stripped back and stand on its own. To be able to perform each track in its barest form was something she was said to have focused on when writing and recording. Will Madge showcase this side of the album on tour? We sure hope so.

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