Interview: Scouting For Girls on being the ‘ultimate party band’ live

Scouting For Girls are gearing up for a massive 19-date, UK tour this November, as they hit the road in support of their new album, Still Thinking About You. 

We caught up with frontman Roy Stride ahead of the UK shows to talk tour plans, new album setlists and why the British pop-rockers plan on becoming the ‘ultimate party band’.

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Hi Roy! How’re you feeling about the upcoming tour?

“We’re absolutely buzzing. It’s been over two years since our last [tour] and we’ve really missed it. Over the summer we’ve been trying to become the ultimate party band and as it’s getting near Xmas we’re aiming to create the ultimate Christmas party. Lots of the old hits, some of the new record, a bit of tinsel, lots of dancing, singing around the piano, kissing under the mistletoe etc… it’s going to be awesome. We’ve also tried to create a few moments in the set that people will never forget!” 

Will you be playing much new material from new album, Still Thinking About You? 

‘Yes, [I] can’t wait to play some new tunes. The response to the record so far has been phenomenal and when we played some of the tunes over the summer the reaction was as good as some of our old hits, so I can’t wait to play them once people have had a chance to enjoy the record. 

After our Greatest Hits in 2013 we spent 2014 playing as many shows as we could, trying to reconnect with our fans and with our own band. I had such a great time, and got to really appreciate how lucky we were to be in our position and I really fell back in love with Scouting For Girls. For better or for worse, no one really makes music like us and we’re having a lot of fun celebrating that fact both on this new record and live.”

Scouting For Girls - Life's Too Short (Music Video)

And how’re you feeling about the new album now?

“I started writing this record three years ago and we started recording it over a year ago. We took our time to try and make it feel like an album, and an album where every song was great rather than just the singles! And the fact I can still listen to it seems like a good sign. We were essentially trying to make a more make a grown up version of our first record. It’s still a positive, upbeat, fun record but there are some really beautiful moments. It’s very acoustic with a lot of string and vocal harmony arrangements.”

You’ve been quoted as saying this is the ‘ultimate Scouting For Girls record’, so what do you think makes up the ‘ultimate Scouting For Girls gig’?

“Yes, I think this is our best record!
I had such a great time playing as many shows as we could after our Greatest Hits in 2013, and got to really appreciate how lucky we were to be in our position, and I really fell back in love with our band and the music we make. For better or for worse, no one really makes music like us and we’re having a lot of fun celebrating that fact. The shows are just one big party, and the audience is the fifth member.” 

Scouting For Girls - She's So Lovely

How does touring now compare to when you first started out – is the passion within the band the same?

“I think we’re playing with even more passion and enjoyment than when we began. We feel very lucky to be able to still do this for a living and I think that comes across in the show. [We’re] three guys who still can’t believe they’re getting away with having a party every night as their job!” 

Are there any venues you’re particularly excited to play on the next tour?

“Shepherd’s Bush Empire is one of my favourite venues in the world. I saw one of my first ever gigs there (Pulp) and have seen so many great bands in that beautiful theatre.”

A lot of bands say London gigs are the most nerve-racking, is that still the case with you despite it being home turf?

“It used to be. In fact everything about being in a band was quite nerve-wracking at first. Now we just try to enjoy everything… But being our hometown, there is always an extra level of excitement whenever you play in London.” 

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