Interview: PVMNTS prepare to return to the UK

Tyler Posey, Freddy Ramirez and Nick Guzman chat about things to come.

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Stateside pop-punk trio PVMNTS are gearing up for their return the UK. Having released their well-received debut EP, Better Days, over the summer, it marks the first opportunity for many fans to hear the material live, as well as the promise of a taster of new music to come.

Taking time out of their touring schedule to chat to Ticketmaster over the phone, Tyler Posey, Freddy Ramirez and Nick Guzman speak of their forthcoming live dates, reaction to their EP, and – for Tyler, balancing life as a famous actor (starring in the hit TV series Teen Wolf, Marvel Rising: Initiation, Scream and this year’s horror-thriller Truth or Dare) and his love of performing live.

Read more below, and then find out how to enter our competition to win a meet and greet with the band at either their London or Manchester dates.

PVMNTS - Standing (On My Own Two Feet) [Official Music Video]

How did PVMNTS come to be?

Tyler: Freddy and I started playing music together ten years ago. We met through different bands, but decided we wanted to do our own music. Then Freddy introduced me to Nick and we made music babies.

Our musical background comes from a lot of punk rock. We grew up going to Warped Tour, listening to a bunch of punk music, and then other music blended into our musical vocabulary.

How was the experience of going full circle and play the final ever Warped Tour over the summer?

Tyler: That was intense for me. It was actually the twelve-year anniversary of me going to my first ever Warped Tour. It was the perfect setup. I was emotional, excited and nervous. It was coolest moment of our music career to date, and the epitome of everything I ever wanted.

Nick: Being able to be a part of that musical history, something that was important to all three of us, was very cool. To be able to say that we played Warped Tour and got to hang with a lot of bands that we are influenced by it was amazing.

How are you feeling about bringing your show over to the UK next?

Freddy: We were over to play some shows in May, and we’re super stoked to come back. It’s going to be awesome to play bigger shows than last time. We have a couple of new songs we’re going to play too, and we can’t wait to showcase them.

Other than the new material, what can fans expect from the shows?

Freddy: They are full of energy. We heard people say they can really feel the passion we have for what we do.

Tyler: We just want the fans to be having fun, so we try to involve the audience as much as we can. We like to joke with them, but also talk about sh*t we really care about, whether it’s awareness of depression, suicide or substance abuse. We have a lot of songs that have heavy topics and we’re not afraid to talk about it during our shows, but there’s a lot of fun to be had. Everyone is always dancing around, and if not, we make sure they are.

Some of our fan base is pretty young, and the parents tell us that they like our music but also our message. It’s something really cool to walk away from, knowing that kids have fun and listen to punk music but also maybe learn something.

PVMNTS, WILFREDO - Chemical Trails [Official Music Video]


As well as the live shows, how have you found the reaction to your Better Days EP?

Freddy: It’s been really cool. People have really related with a lot of the songs, which for all three of us is the biggest compliment we can ever hear. It’s a really cool feeling to know you can help somebody out indirectly.

And apart from those responses people just really like the music too. They think it’s a great EP; they love it and it’s fun. I couldn’t ask for anything more to be honest.

Are you already looking at what’s next?

Tyler: We are. The EP was something we really wanted to put out but at the same time it felt a little rushed. We wanted music out before we started touring, so we got a short amount of songs together really quickly. We were kind of limited on what we could release, so we’re really excited to get in the studio and take our time working on a full album. We can’t wait for it.

What preparations go into a PVMNTS tour?

Tyler: When we first came to the UK we didn’t really know what the hell we were doing. The shows just got better with each performance, and you could really tell the difference even though the tour was only five dates. We were cleaner and tighter, and that holds true even more so now.

What keeps you coming back to the UK?

Freddy: When we first played the UK we only had one song released, but still the people who were there were so into the music. That as a musician makes you better. Coming back to the UK it feels like we’re coming back home.

Tyler: It’s also really cool to play music outside of where we are from. Being in a completely new territory, there’s a real reward that comes from that. It’s a really cool feeling that’s kind of hard to explain. It just feels really good. It’s why we are all doing this.

Tyler, how to you balance that life on the road with your ever-growing acting career?

Tyler: I’m kind of used to a lot of the stuff that the band goes through, like the attention. It’s really cool to see it in a different light though. I’ve been doing it in the acting world for seven years now, and it’s really interesting to see the difference between the two.

When we first started doing PVMNTS there was a lot of crossover with my acting fans, but now we’re staring to see it even out with fans of punk rock. All of my fans from the acting world are starting to really get into the music. They are learning a lot about new bands and falling in love with them.

But also as much as I love being in a band I also want to pursue acting. I’ve been trying to manage both lives on the road. They are both something I really want to do.

I’ve been acting for 21 years and for the majority of the time I’ve not felt like I’ve really fit in the acting world. I think a lot of it is because I was part of this punk world, and nobody really came from the same place that I did. Being able to play with my band and be with talented, likeminded people, it feels like I’ve found my place here and in the acting world, all at the same time. I finally feel like I’m accepted all around, and have a place. It’s a great feeling and I want people to have fun while I have fun.

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PVMNTS reach the UK on the following dates:

27 November 2018 – The Fleece, Bristol
28 November 2018 – Engine Rooms, Southampton
29 November 2018 – Rebellion, Manchester
30 November 2018 – The Key Club, Leeds
1 December 2018 – O2 Institute3, Birmingham
2 December 2018 – Think Tank, Newcastle
3 December 2018 – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
5 December 2018 – Underworld, London
6 December 2018 – Open Club Room, Norwich

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