Interview: MK previews huge London show

Releasing his brand new track, the house heavyweight gives insight into the exciting world of electronic music.

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Producer and live DJ, MK, has added another phenomenal tune to his already impressive discography, teaming up with fellow house music stalwart Sonny Fodero on brand new single One Night.

MK, Sonny Fodera - One Night (Lyric Video) ft. Raphaella

The piano-driven track featuring Raphaella highlights MK’s talent as a producer, yet another example of how he has seen success via clever and quality collaboration throughout his career.

MK and Sonny Fodero

The Detroit born DJ and his Area 10 brand are known for throwing some incredible parties in the best venues worldwide. MK is set to continue this trend next month, seeing off the year with a huge show at O2 Academy Brixton in London.

Ahead of the huge New Year’s Eve session, MK took the time to peel back the curtain on the wild world of live electronic music, opening up on what makes a good set as well as championing fellow artists on the scene.

You’re known for your amazing collaborations, can you pick a favourite?

That’s a tough one! I tend to really love whatever I’ve most recently worked on, which currently happens to be my collaboration with Sonny Fodero. I also really love the remix that Nightlapse and I have done for Anabel Englund’s So Hot. I also have some upcoming collaborations with Diplo, Weiss and a few others, so it’s always hard picking a favourite!

Anabel Englund - So Hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix)

Can you name your dream vocalist (dead or alive) that you’d like to perform on an MK track?

Hmm. That’s another tough question! I think I would have to have to pick more than one. Dead? Marvin Gaye or Prince. Alive? Dua Lipa

What’s the best thing about playing a festival set?

The energy. Everyone in the crowd at a festival is so amped to be there that their energy helps me get excited for a set.

We saw you in a tent as well as on the main stage at Creamfields 2019. How would you compare the two? Do you have a preference?

If I had my choice, I would do both types of sets every single time. I love the more intimate vibe of playing in an enclosed tent, but also really love the energy of a massive main stage crowd.

As an artist who can cater to die-hard house music fans as well as having multiple top-charting singles… In your opinion what makes a perfect set-opener?

It has to be something warm and inviting to really get those fans moving. Opening tunes are always a great opportunity to refresh the crowd and see what they really respond well to musically.

What does a set-closer need to have?

Selecting the best closing tune has a lot to do with the type of show and where it’s located. But for the most part, a closing tune should really cap off the set with something familiar so fans can sing along or something hopeful and uplifting to end on a high note. You definitely never want to hold back on that last track selection.

What is the dream lighting/visuals set up for an MK show?

Since my lighting, SFX and visuals are all individually set up on a custom basis for each show, a dream set up would be where everything perfectly fit the vibe of the venue, the music and most importantly the crowd. I think of my Lighting/SFX team almost as members of my band.

Sure I can play a warehouse with minimal lighting, but it’s incredible when the whole team is able to create a completely unique environment for the fans.

What’s your favourite old school house tune to drop mid-set?

It has to be a tie between my remix of Chez Damier’s Can You Feel It and my remix of I Can’t Get No Sleep by Masters at Work. It’s really hard to narrow down even to two.

Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (MK New York Dub) [1992]

What up and coming DJs should more electronic music fans be aware of?

I would definitely say Nightlapse. They’re signed to Area 10 and I’m so excited about their music. I also really like Leftwing : Kody, although they aren’t really new. To be honest, I’m often exposed to so much great talent that it sometimes gets overwhelming in the best way.

MK is putting on a big New Year’s Eve Area 10 bash at O2 Academy Brixton, London. Tickets are available now through