Interview: Leona Lewis talks new music, touring and West End roles

Leona Lewis was the first superstar to come from The X Factor and whilst others have followed, Leona has remained a UK household name.

Her mammoth hit, Bleeding Love, went on to become one of the biggest tracks of the past decade which led to Leona becoming a global success. She’s currently working on her fourth studio album, due later in the year. 

Leona has also dabbled with Hollywood after recording the soundtrack to Avatar, the most successful movie of all time and then making her acting debut in 2014’s Walking on Sunshine.

Jon Hornbuckle caught up with the singing-sensation to chat about latest release, Fire Under My Feat and her forthcoming album as well as potential musical theatre projects.

Leona Lewis interview

Hi Leona! Your latest single, Fire Under My Feet, is out this week, how’s it been going?

“It’s good! Yeah, it’s amazing and so good to be back out there and performing.”

You’re on a new record deal – does that mean you’ve got more control this time? Will your personality show through more? 

“I feel like it’s always been there within the music, it’s just been a bit of an easier process this time because I’ve just simplified everything down a lot. There’s a lot less people involved so it’s a bit easier.” 

How much are you focused on chart positions with the new music?

“Not really. It’s still building up and it’s not about that, it’s about being able to share something with my fans.”

Simon Cowell has said that despite you leaving SyCo, the door is still open for an X Factor performance slot… Up for it?

“Yeah, of course, definitely! I’d love to do it. Maybe it will happen. There’s no concrete plans yet but I’m sure I will be.”

Leona Lewis - Fire Under My Feet

We watched you acting in Walking on Sunshine, would you like to do more?

(laughs) “Maybe! I did that film because it was a musical so if something like that came up again, and it was natural for me to do, then of course I’d do it again.”

What about a West End role? Matt Cardle is off to join Beverley Knight in Memphis. 

“I did get asked to do the Whitney one but I was touring so couldn’t, but in the future when I’m here for a little while then I would.”

Obviously Alexandra Burke went on to do The Bodyguard, did you talk to her about it? 

“I haven’t spoken to her in a while but I heard that she was incredible doing it and I heard such amazing reviews.”

Whitney is quite the icon, those are some big shoes to step into…

“It’s huge! I know! That’s why I’m a bit like ‘Woah, give me a few years’.”

You’ve got several other hits under your belt but Bleeding Love is just mammoth. Is that always going to be a standard that people are going to always want you to match?

“Yeah, I feel like there are songs in every artists careers which are the biggest ones. I’m just lucky to actually have one like that so I feel very, very blessed.”

And will you be touring with this album?

“Hopefully at the end of the year through to the beginning of next year.” 

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