Interview: Gin Wigmore talks influences, touring and working with Daniel Craig

Music Blogmaster, Flick Heath, chats to the lovely Gin Wigmore about her forthcoming album, Blood To Bone, how she once used Daniel Craig’s coat as a blanket, and her upcoming tour plans. Read the full interview below.

New Zealand singer-songwriter, Gin Wigmore is currently in Silver Lake, LA where she’s been blissfully living for nearly two years with her husband Jason Butler (of American post-hardcore band letlive.). Swooning already? This is only the beginning.

You have a lovely rugged, pop-rock sound. For anyone reading this that hasn’t heard your music though, how would you personally describe it?

“It’s diverse, I’ve never settled on a specific genre. It’s kind of cool how you put that, it’s got this rugged, rock ‘n’ roll thing going on. It’s not a perfect sound; it didn’t land me starring roles in any cool shows (I assume she’s referring to the squeaky clean pop singers in Glee).”

I would relate your vocal sound to the likes of Paloma Faith or Duffy, with a rockier edge. Which musicians inspired your style of music?

“Karen Dalton, Edith Piaf, Gerry Rafferty, Alt-J, Band of Skulls and Manchester Orchestra. Some relate to being married to Jason – his music is rugged and hard to the core. We’ve been to a lot of punk shows, so my palette’s broader in terms of music I positively listen to.”

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Island Records released your debut EP back in 2008, how do you feel your music has developed since then?

“I’m at a point in life where I feel I’m at peace with myself, the music I’m making, my shows and how I present it all to the world. Everything is in alignment, and the album reflects this head space. When I was younger I was always worrying about what was happening next, but I don’t have that anymore.”

Blood to Bone is your third album, what’s the story behind the record?

“It’s organised in its story telling – it’s a reflection of an experience. It begins with New Rush, which shows the desire to find a better happiness. It ends with I Will Love You, which is solely piano and vocals; this signifies the peaceful place I’m at now. Previous albums didn’t have the clear story that this album has. I’m not saying you have to, but you could listen from start to finish and get a real picture.”

You’re touring America in September, what are the plans after that?

“This week we’re arranging a tour in Europe for October – it’ll be wicked because it’s been so long since I’ve done a proper line of big shows, it’s well overdue.”

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I feel like we have to talk about the Heineken ad you were in with Daniel Craig… how was that?

“I used his coat as a blanket, which was cool. I saw him working and he was phenomenal. I mean there’s me acting in music videos, but watching him being an absolute pro, strolling in and smashing it for two hours on set was mad. He’s such a cool dude.”

If you had the choice, who would you want in your next music video?

“That’s a good question – Nick Cave would be pretty cool. His video for Stagger Lee pops into mind. He’s so cool, he’d be rad. Also, Christopher Walkens, the video of him where he’s dancing around in that building (Fatboy Slim’s Weapons of Choice). He’d be awesome, Christopher Walken is the coolest dude, so either of those two.”

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