Interview: Crossfaith’s Ken talks touring with Skindred, Xeno and British rock

Crossfaith are preparing for what’s set to be one of their most memorable UK invasions yet, as they return to tour with Skindred in November.

With their new album Xeno set for release on 18 September, singer Kenta “Ken” Koie tells us how the Japanese metallers are getting the record ready to play live and why he can’t wait to get back out on the road with his pals in Skindred.

Plus, the frontman talks UK metal and rock; telling us why the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis are shaping his tastes right now. Read the full interview here.

Hi Ken, just how excited are you to get back to the UK in November?

“I’m so excited because Skindred are one of my favourite bands and some of my best friends. We toured with them back in 2013 in Europe and Benji [Skindred singer] featured on the Wildfire. I literally can’t wait to play the Wildfire with him on tour.”

Both Crossfaith and Skindred are well known for their great live shows, should we anticipate new levels of energy on this tour?

“All of my favourite bands are so energetic and the first time I watched Skindred in 2012 in Japan, they blew my mind. I always like watching bands from side-stage but at the time I was in the mosh pit, I was soaking wet; it was love at first sight. Benji has so much energy and he’s very skilful as a singer, a rapper and a screamer; I really respect his vocal style. He’s not acting, he’s a natural born entertainer and I love his vibe.I just can’t wait to play with them.”

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You’re no strangers to playing the UK now; does it still feel fun and fresh to tour here?

“Yes! In two years we did more tours there than in Japan, but finally last year we had our own headline tour in the UK and then we sold out KOKO in London. You guys still have a lot of great venues and I want to meet more people and I want to play with so many bands in your country. You have a lot of great musicians and we still have so many desires to go to the UK.”

Are there any venues in the UK that are particularly special to you?

“I love KOKO of course; the building is awesome and it’s such a beautiful place. I also love Manchester Academy, the first time we played there was on the tour with Bring Me The Horizon and it was awesome, so we did our headline show in the same venue. It was a great experience and I love Manchester, it’s a great city.”

Crossfaith - 'Devil's Party' Official Music Video

Your new album, Xeno, is out on 18 September; how are you working the new songs into the live set?
“As musicians, we’re always excited to play the new songs. Fans always want to hear the old songs but bands love to play the new songs; Crossfaith are the same, we have the same feelings. Of course we’re going to play older songs but fans can expect to hear our new songs too.”

Which new songs can fans expect to hear during the November tour?

“Of course Devil’s Party and the title track, and we already played Ghost In The Mirror on Warped Tour this summer. We hung out a lot with Beartooth and I was asking Caleb to sing on Ghost In The Mirror and he did. So those three songs and we’ll play Wildfire on the November tour with Skindred.”

Crossfaith - 'Ghost In The Mirror (feat. Caleb Shomo from Beartooth)' Official Audio Video

You’ve mentioned bands like Bring Me The Horizon fondly already; so what do you make of the new metal and rock albums of 2015 so far?

“I really like the new Bring Me album, they are the only ones right now. Oliver Sykes always writes great lyrics and their music style has been changed but it’s still heavy. With Oliver’s lyrics behind the music, the essence remains the same for their new album. I can’t to hear the new songs from Lower Than Atlantis and I love Don Broco’s new stuff as well. I have so many favourite bands from the UK and I’m looking forward to hearing the new songs from these three bands.”

Crossfaith will tour the UK with Skindred between 4 – 14 November, book now at

The new album Xeno is released on Friday 18 September, stream it here and pre-order today.