Interview: Boyzone’s Shane Lynch on new album and tour

Shane Lynch opens up about new music, preparing for live shows, and playing four dates over the coming weeks.

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Boyzone are set to return to the live circuit with four headline shows, including a date at Derby’s 3AAA County Ground on the 16 September 2017. Ahead of the shows, we caught up with Shane Lynch to find out how preparations are going, and to delve a little into new music. He also teases their 25th anniversary celebrations, due next year.

Find out what Shane had to say below.

It’s been a couple of years since the last album and tour. What have you been up to?

We always delve in and out of individual projects. Me, I mostly drive race cars etcetera, in and around the world of motorsports. That’s kind of what I do in life. The other fellas have been doing some acting. I know Duffy has been on the road with Brian McFadden doing some gigs and stuff, and Ronan has been in and out of different music scenes. Mikey is kind of studio boffin. He likes to hide away in the dark to write music. We’ve all been out doing our own thing, you know.

Everybody is excited about the upcoming gigs, and the new album. How are all the plans going?

Pretty good at the moment. We’ve had a couple of run-ups earlier in the year to figure out how and when we’re doing things. This last week we’ve been together, which always seals the deal. This week we’ve been in the same room together, and we’ve come out with the results. It’s good times really.

It’s the 25th anniversary next year. What is one of your proudest or most memorable moments to date?

I’m me, and I live in my own shoes. I know my own health and wealth. When other people say it’s 25 years of music it’s more their surprise than mine. With all the good stuff we’ve done, it just keeps getting better.

What advice would you give to the younger you?

Party as much as you possibly can when you’re younger. It just gets harder as you get older.

There’s a huge back-catalogue of Boyzone hits. Do you have any favourites to perform?

In the last couple of days in rehearsals we’ve changed a few songs around. When you are in a room and playing you know what songs are going to come up good. One of my favourites we dropped in yesterday is Isn’t It A Wonder.

Boyzone - Isn't It A Wonder (Official Music Video)


Would you say your influence or style has changed over the years?

This up-and-coming album, we’ve all had different ideas of what it should be. I think it’s time we kind of showcase our individuality on this album. To show our influences within music, what actually makes us tick. We’re Boyzone, and we’re a group, but we are very much individuals too.

How do you feel about the new ways for artists to launch themselves these days?

I think there are some amazing platforms, if you’re brave enough to do them. You’ve got a lot of really credible people sitting at home saying how the X Factor lot are rubbish, but these X Factor acts are selling millions of record. Pop music is all over the world.

What have you been listening to lately?

I’m more of an urban kind of guy. I’m loving the new Kendrick Lamar album. I’m into anything from BBK. There are some great female artists coming out like Steflon Don. It’s an urban pop, but that’s kind of what’s ruling right now.

Are there any dream collaborations?

I’m the only one who ever goes to extreme collaborations, with someone you never think we would ever end up with. I’m always trying to push my influence on the band. That’s probably what I mean by trying to showcase our own individual tastes. Everyone thinks albums should be a particular sound, but on your phone you jump in and out of different artists that you like, and different genres and different eras. I think that’s what the album should be.

What can we expect from the UK shows coming this September?

We’re dipping our toe in the water to remind people that we’re coming up to 25 years next year. You’re always guaranteed hit after hit after hit. It’s a great day out. We’re a family band, we always have been. In many ways we’re a tri-generation. There’s definitely the grandmother there now, with the mother and the daughter. It’s brilliant for us to have that scale of age that comes to our show.

Boyzone play four headline dates over the coming month. These dates are:

25 August – Hastings Pier, Hastings
26 August – Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor
2 September – Chelmsford City Racecourse, Chelmsford
16 September – 3AAA County Ground, Derby

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