Watch: Ticketmaster Homecoming – Glasgow

The Ninth Wave, Walt Disco and Lucia discuss the impact of their home city on their music.

We’re proud to present Homecoming – our video series featuring some of our favourite artists exploring their home cities and the music venues that make their scene so special.

Over the course of one weekend, we followed Glasgow’s brightest hopefuls; The Ninth Wave, Walt Disco and Lucia as they delve into the city’s burgeoning underground scene.

Taking in everywhere from the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut to the ginormous The SSE Hydro, this edition of Ticketmaster Homecoming scratches beneath the surface of Scotland’s most populated city, finding out what makes it so appealing for upcoming artists.

“Glasgow is, for us, the place where we met each other, the place that we have developed as a band and the place where we met all of the people that are closest to us now. At times it’s dour and cold and wet, but being surrounded by the landscape and the people and the attitude of the city has really shaped who we are as people and as a band” comment The Ninth Wave.

They continue: “It doesn’t have the same competitive edge that we know exists in other cities and most people are supportive of each other, probably down to the fact that it’s such a diverse place and everyone just does their own thing”.

LUCIA comments: “Having Glasgow as our home has really helped us to grow as artists and people at our own pace without feeling the pressure that you might in bigger scenes and larger cities. We have all naturally come together and it’s the best feeling to know you have the support and friendship of the people around you who are all trying to achieve the same goals. The amount of talent and various sounds continuously inspires us and we feel lucky to live in such a city where acceptance and warmth is noticed by everyone outwith it too.”

On their home town, Walt Disco add: “For touring musicians, home becomes a bit of different place – its less of a space where you live your life but somewhere you touch base, a chance to snap yourself back into normality”.

Continuing: “Glasgow is the perfect place to see the people who keep us grounded, and regroup before we head back on tour. Also, the temperature of other places throws me off… I don’t like it when it’s too hot, Glasgow is always just right”.

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Homecoming Glasgow was produced in partnership with Matter Of Sound