Hey girl. It’s your birthday. Let’s start a band.

Happy birthday Ryan Gosling! Here, have some birthday brownies. Did you know that the Notebook-star-turned-meme-sensation (side note: you may know him as that guy who does the Dirty Dancing lift in Crazy, Stupid, Love) is actually much more than a terrifically attractive actor? He’s in a band!

Dead Man’s Bones is a collaboration with his best friend, Zach Shields, and the pair released their more than slightly Halloween-themed debut in 2009, featuring a children’s choir no less. Check out a spooky live performance below.

Dead Man's Bones - "In The Room Where You Sleep" (live video)

Speaking of celebrities in bands, this got us thinking about other actors that have swapped the silver screen for a tour bus. Here’s five of my favourites:

Zooey Deschanel: She & Him
When the New Girl star teamed up with M. Ward, the indie world sighed in contentment. The duo proved that actor-turned-musician can totally be done.

Jack Black: Tenacious D
High Fidelity showed us Jack Black’s penchant for stadium rock, and Tenacious D proved that he can do no wrong as a strutting rock frontman. Plus, Tribute probably is the greatest song in the world.

Hugh Laurie
House has swapped his cane for a piano, and his accent for, well, something a little more southern. His album of New Orleans blues classics shows his very real musical talent and admiration for the genre.

Donald Glover: Childish Gambino
The stand-up comedian and star of Community (thankfully no longer using the Twitter handle @donglover – get it?) is making music under a moniker he found on a Wu Tang Clan name generator, injecting an interesting dose of nerd into hip hop.

Joaquin Phoenix: rapper
Let me start this by saying that I know this one doesn’t technically count, but who could forget the time that the Walk the Line star made his first public appearance as a rap star in a Miami bar, before getting into a brawl?

Looks like Made in Chelsea’s Andy Jordan has got his work cut out for him…