Here’s what we learned watching Thirty Seconds To Mars

The band brought their Monolith tour to London's O2.

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Gearing up for the release of their fifth studio album AMERICA, due for release on the 6 April 2018, Thirty Seconds To Mars brought their Monolith Tour to the UK at the end of March. With brothers Jared and Shannon Leto perched proudly on a central platform, and a back-catalogue of absolutely massive sounding bangers, here’s what we learned from the Thirty Seconds To Mars live experience.

Just before we get into it, check out their latest track Rescue Me:

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Rescue Me (Audio)


Jared Leto is a showman

It’s no surprise that vocalist Jared Leto knows what he’s doing in front of tonight’s huge audience. Starting his career in film (Fact: he’s in some of the greatest films of all time), Jared now balances both arts and easily brings a huge load of that showmanship to his live shows. From his sparkly gloves to his sheer confidence, the central platform lets him interact with every corner of The O2. At one point he breaks mid song to command a specific audience member to stand up. At another he handpicks members of the audience to join him on stage. Needless to say, he makes every single person feel like part of the massive show.

They put on quite the show

And what a show it is. The central stage sits under a giant lighting rig that twists and turns, basking Jared and Shannon in gloriously multicoloured tones. It’s a visual treat, and adds to the soaring atmosphere Thirty Seconds To Mars have carefully crafted. Throw in screens that dominate that area where the stage would usually be, plus audience participation, fans on stage, and the ever-euphoric balloon drop, and you’ve got yourself a spine-tingling evening.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge


They love the UK

A lot of bands declare their love for the UK when over on these shores. With Thirty Seconds To Mars you’d be hard pushed not to believe their declaration. “Is anybody here from London,” they ask when choosing fans to join them on their glistening platform. The response is deafening. Jared repeatedly reaffirms his love of all things British, and tonight, Britain is loving him right back.

There’s always time for special guests

Their love of Britain has seeped into their choice of special guests. Their move away from their grungier early days has seen them embrace all things pop and urban, and tonight’s small roster of collaborators proves it. Rising star Raye is the first to join them, offering a helping hand on new track Dangerous Night. The encore welcomes fellow Brit AJ Tracey, who raps over another new cut Walk On Water. Both are declared hometown heroes by Jared, and prove they have all the skills to make that the truth.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Dangerous Night (Audio)


They have hits for days

With such an eclectic back-catalogue, it’s never going to be easy to please all. But their setlist pretty much covers all the bases. There’s a heavy leaning on the sublime This Is War, which provides some of the biggest, most euphoric singalong moments. But there are also surprises from older and newer, not least a haunting rendition of Rihanna’s heartbreaking Stay. Thirty Seconds To Mars have a huge number of big moments, and they arrive thick and fast.

Thirty Seconds To Mars return to Ireland in May, and have promised to be back to the UK very soon. Find tickets and subscribe to the band’s ticket alerts at