We help you plan the perfect Valentine’s date

Think outside the heart-shaped box this year with entertainment ideas tailored to your sweetie’s personality type.

That’s right, forget the cream-filled chocolates. Don’t bother with the red roses, and put down that soppy greeting card. Instead treat your Valentine to a good time by doing something together that’s as fun and unique as your love is.

The 14 February falls on a Tuesday this year. Interested in an early weekend celebration? Or prefer commemorating the Day of Love itself? We’ve got you covered with a list of possibilities geared to every taste in entertainment – from heart-rending singing to head-banging riffs, from sophisticated fine arts to silly comedians, from nail-biting sport to soul-stirring theatre.

Pick your loved one’s personality to get started.


The Adrenaline Junkie

Addicted to excitement and loud music, your little firecracker is constantly up for adventure – especially if the thrill of danger is involved.


The Jester

So you’ve fallen for a goofball. Not only can they crack you up in a matter of seconds, but they also don’t mind being the butt of a joke – as long as it’s a good one.


The Kid at Heart

Your schmoopy has a youthful spirit. Bubbly and outgoing, they’ve managed to hang onto their imagination and sense of wonder well into adulthood.


The Rebel

With or without a cause, your bad boy or girl is full of passion, drive and energy. They never shy away from conflict – and they ain’t holding any of their sexy back.


The Retro-ista

Your dearest embraces all the trappings of a modern world, but their heart really lies one, two, three or four decades back in time where it’s drenched in nostalgia.


The Hopeless Romantic

Your honeybunch’s heart is always aflutter and it doesn’t take much – a love song, a sad film or even a shamelessly sentimental advert – before they shed a tear.


The Sofa Slob

Not so fond of expending energy, your snuggle bear is most often found in the sitting position – watching telly, listening to music, surfing the internet or playing computer games.


The Culture Vulture

Your main squeeze is super cerebral and captivated by all things expressed in great art, literature, poetry and music. The ancient Greeks and Romans rule their world.

And that’s not all. Check out our Valentine’s Guide for even more events along with gift ideas sure to ignite that lover’s spark.