Guest review: WSTR report from Liverpool with Light You Up

Liverpudlian pop-punkers WSTR take on guest review duties as they play their hometown with fellow Brit rockers, Light You Up.

“During sound check the venue owners presented a letter they’d just received from the council, that stated that we were unable to play drums and needed to keep noise to a minimum. Disaster!

This left the only solution of playing acoustic sets. Unfortunately this meant support acts Diamond Days and Beaumont were unable to perform. However, ourselves and Light You Up were somewhat apprehensive, but excited to see how we could rise to the challenge and secretly had always wanted an excuse to do a show like this.

We played a set that combined our originals such as Graveyard Shift and Fair Weather, alongside a mix of well-known pop and rock tracks, including the Drake track we covered in a recent video. As a special treat we added in some Bieber, it was well received. It may not have been the high energy, rowdy punk show we had anticipated at the start of the day, but we enjoyed pretending to be Backstreet Boys for this special set regardless.

WSTR - Shot For Me (Drake cover)

Light You Up were up next and they were going solo. Tom took to the stage and seemed a lot more comfortable with the last minute change of events. He was great at taking crowd requests and hearing the band’s latest single Monsters acoustically was cool. Tom also played No Scrubs by TLC which was certainly a blast from the past and he smashed it. The rest of the set was really chilled and the crowd were pleased to sing along to some Justin Timberlake.

Light You Up - Monsters

All in all, considering the night seemed almost doomed, I think both bands made the best out of a bleak situation. Ultimately it was great fun and the crowd seemed to be into it!

WSTR support Light You Up in Liverpool, The Well Space, 11/11/15

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