Guest review: Brawlers tell us exactly what it’s like to support Set It Off in London

Well, that’ll teach us for putting Brawlers frontman, Harry George Johns on review duty for tmBlog…

Here’s what the singer made of the band’s London antics, as they joined Decade and Set It Off at the Underworld. We’re not sure the Beatlemania bit is completely factual…

“Camden’s Underworld is almost like our second home these days. The staff are all excellent and friendly, and the beer’s good, plus the sound guys are so on point it’s tough to have a bad show. We played here last month with Real Friends and the place went off.

We’ve just started a tour with our best friends Decade and Set It Off – who are swiftly becoming great buddies too (mainly based on their capacity for consuming alcohol…) and there’s the whole ‘London show’ stigma behind-the-scenes for all our bands – the pressure well and truly feels ON.

Brawlers live tmBlog Juliette photos

Brawlers open up proceedings and immediately the audience realises that the four most attractive men in the building are currently on stage. Harry George Johns’ (that’s me) on-stage presence reminds most people of a cross between Henry Rollins and Jesus. There was also a point where I think I literally saw beams of light radiate from guitarist Matthew Wrights fingers and fifteen girls had to be escorted out of the room in a frenzy reminiscent of Beatlemania.

In fact, I’m pretty sure Brawlers are the greatest rock and roll band in the Universe.

Decade played afterwards and they were great. They wear nice T-shirts and all play at the same time, often stopping at the end of songs and talking before starting another the next song. They probably weren’t late to the sound check and could sleep in the same bed as your girlfriend and you be okay with it. They play pop songs with guitars, basically the same as Brawlers but no way as good.

Set It Off live tmBlog Juliette photos

Set It Off are the headlining band because they are American. Frontman Cody Carson uses a wireless microphone which reminded me of Michael Buble but Set It Off have less Christmas songs. I think.

Again, the band sound great and all seem to be in the same tuning. They also look very pleased to be here, even though internally they must have been pretty upset about having to play after Brawlers. That’s a tough job for any band, especially a band who have such nice trainers and clean hair.

Basically it was a great show with music and guitars, and some singing too. Brawlers opening a show like this meant that, for me, it felt like going for a starter at a Michelin-star restaurant in Mayfair but then having the rest of the meal in McDonald’s.”

See the full photo gallery from Set It Off, Decade and Brawlers at Underworld, London.

Catch Brawlers in action at Camden Rocks later this month, while Set It Off will open Slam Dunk Festival this weekend.