Flux Pavilion says unique SW4 set “may be the only time we ever do it”

England’s very own British dance sensation Flux Pavilion will do what he does best at South West Four 2016 this weekend, and we can’t wait to be in the crowd when he does.

Before that though, we dragged Flux Pavilion, aka Joshua Steele, away from his decks for a chat on all things dance music and festivals.

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How’s your summer been shaping up so far? Any standout sets?

“It’s been hectic but super fun, since my album dropped I’ve been concentrating on writing freely and my set has been adapting so much it all feels brand new.”

You’ll be performing at SW4, what can we expect?

“It’s my live show that I have been working on for years so I’m pretty excited. It may be the only time we ever do it so it’s going to be special – it’s built like a DJ set in spirit but it’s all live and we can jam with whatever we want so it’s pretty unique, especially for the style of music.

What do you think it is about dance music and summer that just makes festivals feel so euphoric? 

“Well I think the dancing plays a strong part. It’s a strong force when a piece of music makes you physically move and I think that comes with a certain freedom to it that feels like truly letting go at times.”

What records/artists have you been listening to most when you’re off stage this summer?

“Herobust is making some amazing stuff right now, but I get the pleasure of listening to and playing all the Circus stuff before everyone else and I’m mad buzzed with what everyone is writing, especially my brother Doctor P.”


Do you have any key festival tips for SW4 first-timers?

“Drink water and drink whiskey in equal measures, that way you can last – at least it’s how I last!”

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