Five reasons we’re looking forward to Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50

Although Coldplay are the main half-time attraction for the Super Bowl this year – a hint at what they’ll be bringing to the UK this June – the person that has everyone talking is Beyoncé.

Queen B collaborated with Coldplay on their latest single, but let’s be honest, it’s a struggle for any band not to be upstaged by Beyoncé, and here’s why!


1. This isn’t her first Super Bowl rodeo. You might remember that Beyoncé has ‘done’ the  Superbowl half-time show before, and only a few years ago in 2013. What does this mean? Well, she knows exactly what to expect and what camera angles to hit up. She’ll probably want to up the anti this time round too, and really pull out all the stops.

Beyonce dancing

2. The dancing. Beyoncé has always innovated on the dance move front, and this is the perfect opportunity for her to throw out some new moves for dancefloors across the globe.


3. Fun fact: Beyoncé’s dad used to make her run a mile whilst singing to improve her endurance and ability to perform through energetic routines. Heck, she could probably join the teams on the pitch and sing a perfect national anthem (although Lady Gaga is taking care of the national anthem this year – amazing).

Beyonce and Jay Z

4. Special guests. Beyoncé knows everyone, right? Last time Destiny’s Child joined her on stage, and it’ll be tough to top that but if Jay Z or Kanye joined her it would be EPIC. Nikki Minaj would also make us veeeery happy. Or someone classic, what is Aretha up to? Anyone?


5. The outfits! Last time she wore some kind of leather, warrior leotard. It was spectacular. Bey remains a big fan of the fancy leotard on stage after the success of Single Ladies, but maybe there’s a new era about to be unleashed? Maybe she’ll go modern military or ’90s grunge? Whatever she wears, you can bet it’ll be a talking point on Sunday.