Five new bands you need to hear by Gold Sounds

Five new bands you need to hear

1. Playlounge
At the turn of this decade people lightly lamented that guitar music was dead but thankfully, bands like Playlounge didn’t pawn in their instruments for synths. Instead Saam Watkins and Laurie Foster are making beautiful rackets after beautiful rackets with remarkable pace and quality. Their debut album ‘pilot’ is one of my favourite yet understated albums of the year and it’s only August.

2. Tyrannosaurus Dead
Tyrannosaurus Dead have been filling our ears with their frenetic brand of wiry guitars for well over a year now and the thought of a debut album on the horizon makes us so giddy we need to sit down and drink some water. Their music is complemented extremely well by the boy/girl dual vocal delivery of Billy Lowe and Eleanor Rudge. Check out their latest release, ‘Post Holiday Dead Song’ below.

3. Radstewart
We’ve got a soft spot for bands whose names are a nod to other musicians, be it tongue in cheek or a means of expressing adoration. Although there are some tough acts to follow such as Joanna Gruesome (Joanna Newsom), Sauna Youth (Sonic Youth) and Radiohead (Talking Heads), Cardiff’s Radstewart have both the credentials and the charm to earn their moniker. Rather than sounding anything like the nations favourite crooning sun-dried tomato however, the band’s vocalist Jac Jones instead possesses the talent and quick whit of  Stephen Malkmus, Eddie Argos and Darren Hayman all wrapped in one.

4. The Hundredth Anniversary
If you’re left wanting more of Eleanor Rudge‘s remedying vocals after listening to Tyrannosaurus Dead then you’re in luck as she also fronts Brighton based The Hundredth Anniversary who’s songs are often packed with a variety of moods which leave you going through the motions and coming out smiling. If you’ve got an ear for solid melodies and huge choruses then The Hundredth Anniversary are for you.

The Hundredth Anniversary - It Becomes Us

TRUST FUND is the alias of talented musician and lyricist Ellis Jones. He released his debut EP ‘Don’t Let Them Begin’ on DIY label Reeks Of Effort last year and capped that same year by releasing festive number ‘Finishing Your Dinner’ on Art is Hard Records. Earlier this month he proved he’s still got more up his sleeve by sharing his latest effort ‘Reading The Wrappers’.