Five essential song requests for Mariah Carey’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour

Mariah Carey hasn’t toured the UK since 2003 so fans will be hoping for a setlist full of the diva’s greatest hits when she arrives for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour later this month. 

If you’re reading this Mariah, here’s just five of the essentials we’re reeeally hoping you play live in the UK…

1. We Belong Together (2005) 

Undoubtedly the biggest hit of Mariah’s post-2003 career, this was the track that many hailed as Mariah’s big comeback moment and it was listed by Billboard as ‘song of the decade’. 

We Belong Together will get the biggest scream of the night and I cannot wait to see the some 20,000 people attempt to nail that tongue twister of a second verse.

2. Vision of Love (1990)

The one that started it all. This classic love song debuted Mariah’s whistle register that’s become an integral part of her live performances in the 26 years since. 

The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour is expected to be a greatest hits set, so it would make sense to include Mariah’s first (of a whopping 18) number #1 singles.

Mariah Carey - Vision of Love (From Mariah Carey (Live))

3. #Beautiful ft. Miguel (2013) 

Mariah’s most recent hit in America that was criminally overlooked in the UK but praised by die-hard fans as a modern Mariah classic. 

Mariah doesn’t appear until the second verse of the track so it remains to be seen as to how she will stage this live but I’d say it’s a dead cert to appear – either as a show opener or encore. 

Mariah Carey - #Beautiful ft. Miguel

4. Hero (1993)

Despite only reaching number #7 upon release, Hero has become one of Mariah’s signature hits in the UK – at part thanks to it becoming a longtime staple on reality TV shows with it’s inspirational lyrics and equally ambitious vocals. 

Your best air grab is required here! 

Mariah Carey - Hero (From Mariah Carey (Live))

5. Touch My Body (2008)

It’s easy to see why this song divided opinion but it’s unmistakably Mimi at her most fabulous. A music video with comedy and (lots) of lingerie shots, along with lyrics that would make even the most liberal thinkers blush. 

Touch My Body remains Mariah’s most recent track to hit the top 10 in the UK.

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Official Music Video)

Catch Mariah Carey’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in the UK between 15 – 31 March, kicking off at The SSE Hydro, Glasgow – book best seats now at