Five bands I’d like to collaborate with: Digital Farm Animals

Singer, songwriter remixer and DJ, Digital Farm Animals (AKA Nicholas Gale) tell us five bands or artists he’d love to collaborate with.

Seven years ago, Nick Gale was a law student, who, in the early hours, would sit up in his dorm room making music. Outside his window, while he made his digital sounds, was a farm. “I should have been studying,” he admits. “But I spent most of my time making music and looking at pigs.”

Flash forward to 2016, and as Digital Farm Animals, Nick is a self-taught producer with a songwriter’s instinct, who’s passionate approach to music has made him one of the planet’s hottest new artists. His latest track, Millionaire, collaborates with American rapper and R&B superstar Nelly, as well as electronic dance trio Cash Cash.

Here he tells us about five awesome artists he’d love to work with in the future:


There are very few bands around today that have managed to re-invent themselves with every album and that stay at the top of their game consistently. I recently had the honour of remixing their single and hope one day we’ll be able to get in the studio together.

Coldplay - Clocks (Official Video)

Calvin Harris 

I have the greatest respect for how hands-on Calvin is with his records – writing, producing and mixing tracks all himself – as in the dance world there are so many artists at the top of the game who actually have very little input into their own records its astonishing.


For me Eminem is still the realest rapper. Besides having laid down some of the sickest raps of all time, he’s also managed to stay true to his art form whilst it seems all of his contemporaries at that level of success have fallen for the glitz and the bling lifestyle.

Eminem - Sing For The Moment (Official Music Video)


Radiohead are a rare breed of genuine artist-pioneers who have always been so ahead of the times, not just with the sonic of their music but also with the campaigns that have been built around the their releases.

Radiohead - Karma Police


He’s the sickest rapper of our times. Need I say more?

Your kind of thing? Find out more about Digital Farm Animals over on Twitter. You can find him @DigiFarmAnimals.