This is how fans reacted to the Bruno Mars tour news

Bruno Mars announced his huge 24K Magic World Tour this week, and the internet lost it. Never more so than on Twitter, as fans couldn’t hold their excitement in over the prospect of seeing the Hawaiian heart-breaker live.

First up, this person is facing some difficult life decisions.

This person is about to lose a hell of a lot of sleep, and counting.

Some fans are already innovating on how they’re gonna afford their tickets.

For some it’s about far more than just seeing Bruno Mars. Let’s get excited about this bus!

This fan reminds us of the dance moves.

Some people are already pimped up and waiting.

Here’s a pretty great way of spending the time.

This person is filled with simple pure excitement.

But there’s still plenty of time to get those tickets, and to deface perfectly good walls.

Bruno Mars hits the UK in April. Tickets are on sale 21 November 2016 through