Fans react to Drake’s announcement of The Boy Meets World Tour

It’s been an emotional 24 hours for Drake fans. Everyone’s fave Champagne Papi confirmed his European live dates for his The Boy Meets World tour early Monday morning, and here’s how it went down with the fans (on Twitter).

First up, there was some pretty extreme elation. Fans were (obviously) really happy about seeing Drake live.

Nothing says excitement better than an a super long ‘Yeaaaaaah!’.  AMIRITE?

And, naturally, no bonafide superstar can announce a tour without there being some tears spilled.

Meanwhile, some people have turned to religion to help their cause to bag tickets (but don’t worry guys, there are six dates at The O2 alone, hopefully enough)

Some people reminded us why Drake is so awesome, introducing The Drake Effect.

Whilst others were enjoying the nod to the top 1990s teen sitcom of the same name… under the age of 30? Not seen the Disney reboot? Boy Meets World was massive and everyone – boy or girl – wanted to be Topanga.

Nice work ASOS

And finally, some of us were just worried about the price of the tickets. (To confirm, tickets will be between £63:50 and £110 (at time of writing).)

Although Ben wasn’t so fussed as his Grandma said she’d sort him out. BIG UP TO BEN’S NAN!

Drake tickets go on sale at 09:00 on Friday 14 October on