Everything you need to know about Gutterdämerung

If you haven’t already heard about Gutterdämerung, where have you been?

No, really – “the loudest silent movie on earth” has been making waves for quite some time now, but we’ll forgive you for overlooking the badass cast and most brutal take on the fairytale genre because it’s been confirmed that none other that Henry Rollins is bringing this mind-blowing experience to the UK. Descending on our shores this September, he’ll be joined by Eagles of Death Metal frontman – and Gutterdämerung’s very own bounty hunter – Jesse Hughes along for a night of noise and debauchery.

But what exactly IS Gutterdämerung, we hear you ask? Luckily for you, amidst the panic to find our ear plugs and practice our fist pumping, we’ve put together a little rundown on how, in the words of Rollins himself, this “visceral gut punch of Rock ‘n’ Roll” is going to blow your mind.

Gutterdämmerung - Extended Trailer with Interviews

It’s a silent movie, fairytale hybrid set to rock your world

Silent movies, fairytales and rock ‘n’ roll don’t exactly scream a match made in heaven, and you’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused. But this really is like no other film out there. Kiss goodbye to that 1920s notion of silent movies with their tinkling pianos, and Prince Charming is about a million miles away, because this fairytale from hell could cause some serious damage to your eardrums (in a good way).

Director Björn Tagemose is no stranger to the world of rock and roll. The Swedish born, Belgian based creative director has constructed a mind blowing visual experience unlike any other. Turning the fairytale notion on its head and throwing in flamethrowers, bazookas and a sacred guitar, the rock and roll free-for-all is soundtracked by a live band. No dubious cinema seats for us mere mortals then. Tagemose also enlisted Rollins as both a cast member and a writer, because “he’s also a true authority, and one of the most intelligent people in rock and roll. It takes a true rock star to write for rock royalty”. Amen to that.

We’ve got a new set of #squadgoals

“…a bad girl…a fallen angel…a charismatic leader…” no, this isn’t a rundown of a Taylor Swift video. Grace Jones, Lemmy, Iggy Pop, Nina Hagen, Josh Homme, Slash, Tom Araya, the list goes on. 12 absolute icons of rock come together in this epic tale of destruction and retribution. There’s a bounty hunter and a mad general, Henry Rollins as a priest and Slash as a, er, ‘phallic tool of eternal torment’. No, we’re not sure what that means either but you’d be mad not to be intrigued (and a little bit terrified). And as Rollins himself has said of our reigning Queen Grace Jones, “A face so recognisable, so iconic, that you might not be surprised that hers would be the last face you’d see before you die.”


Immersive is an understatement

As if all your favourite rock stars wasn’t enough, Rollins bringing the live Gutterdämerung experience to the UK this September surely is. Expect a stunning live band accompanied by a live narrator “and pyro, from hell”.

Catch Gutterdämerung live in the UK this September:

18 – Birmingham, O2 Academy
19 – Manchester Academy
20 – Glasgow, O2 Academy
22 – Brixton, O2 Academy

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Words: Becky Mount