Everything you didn’t know about Take That’s 2015 UK tour revealed

Take That kicked off their 2015 UK tour in Glasgow last night, playing a 23-song set full of explosions, puppetry, indoor rain and a flying tandem bike.

Sounds good, eh?

It’s fair to say Take That are going all on with this tour, even factoring an underwater world into their elaborate stage show.

Here’s everything you (probably) didn’t already know about Take That Live 2015…

It takes eight hours for the crew to build the entire stage after arriving at each venue.

There’s 100 tons of equipment involved in building the set; 65 tons of which is hanging in the air. Gulp.

It takes three hours to unpack the gear into 32 trucks, before setting off for the next city.

3611 individual lights are in the show, controlled by a whopping 24,000 channels at the lighting desk, with 1800 lighting cues in the show.

Take That employ 86 touring crew, 130 local crew and 27 performers for each show.

There are 150 different costumes for the show’s cast.

As if that wasn’t enough hands on deck, each show also welcomes the support of 80 volunteer cast. Where do we sign up?

600 meals are served each day to feed the entire cast and crew.

Take That Live 2015 includes a circle of flame, a flying tandem (with side car for the band) and indoor rain.


Take That - Get Ready For It (Official Video)

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