DJ Fresh makes Newbury Racecourse gig big on Periscope

DJ Fresh (aka: Daniel Stein) had big plans for his gig at Newbury Racecourse when we spoke to him before the set, as he told us how he planned to incorporate Periscope into proceedings.

“I know gigs at racecourses are something that have been happening for a long time and this is the first one I’ve been involved in,” he said. “I’m excited! I’m really into Periscope at the moment and I think it’ll be the perfect gig for that; to show all the people that follow around the world what an English race is like.”

“We get quite interactive with it,” he added. “We get people in the audience to give shout-outs to people all around the world. It’s the perfect gig for something like that.

“It’s always fun doing a party somewhere where you’ve never done one before.”

Ensuring his set was perfectly geared towards the crowd at Newbury Racecourse, DJ Fresh explained: “Because of the kind of music that I make and play, it’s very multi-genre and high-energy party vibe, there’s usually something in my set for everyone.

“I play everything from rock and drum and bass, to hip-hop. We’ve been finding that what we do works well in this kind of situations.” 

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