Carole King’s cameo in Gilmore Girls is everything

If you haven’t seen the new Gilmore Girls revival you might want to turn around swiftly and take Paul Anka for a walk – we need to talk about Carole King’s Cameo in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

Last Friday, die-hard Gilmore Girls fans got what they’d been waiting for: 10 years after the last episode, we finally got another glimpse into the lives of our favourite mother/daughter duo.

A trip back to Stars Hollow sees us meet up with all of our beloved characters from the original series and find out what on earth has been goin’ on in everyone’s lives since we last saw them.

But producers of the show have given fans an few extra treats with hidden easter eggs, including one with songwriter extraordinaire Carole King. Having written many a hit in her career, King even has her own West End musical inspired by her own incredible story; and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is currently playing at the Aldwych Theatre.

King had previously made various appearances in the show as the owner of the Stars Hollow music store – and on top of that, the classic songwriter also co-wrote the show’s theme song Where You Lead, which originally appeared on her 1971 album Tapestry.

However, the version that appears on the show was rewritten by King to reflect the same mother-daughter relationship that’s at the centre of the drama, and was performed by King alongside her own real-life daughter.

Gilmore Girls Theme Song

So what would a Gilmore Girls revival be without Carole King?

Well, without giving too much away, Carole King does indeed makes a return to the show, reprising her role as Sophie Bloom and forming part of a test audience for Taylor Doose’s newest musical.

While we won’t spoil why exactly there’s a new musical or what it’s for, we do want to tell you about this adorable scene.

In it, the test audience is brainstorming new ideas for songs and Sophie mentions she’s written a few numbers herself.

She gets up, walks to the piano and plays a few notes King’s monumental hit I Feel The Earth Move, which also just happens to be the closing number of King’s own wonderful stage musical.

Of course, Taylor wouldn’t be Taylor if he didn’t reply with a standard quip: “That’s not catchy,” he says. And cue the lols.

It’s a great moment on a great revival. Have you seen it yet?

Let us know what you think about Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Twitter. And if you haven’t seen Beautiful: The Carole King Musical yet, now’s the perfect time to go as you can save up to £30 on tickets with our Cyber Monday offer. Tickets are available now at