Carl Cox says “it’s a real privilege to play” South West Four 2016

British house and techno DJ, legendary producer and true genre pioneer, Carl Cox has his sights set on hometown glory as he prepares to play South West Four 2016.

With just 10 days to go until SW4 stakes claim on Clapham Common, Lia Nicholls for Ticketmaster caught up with the man himself as he looks ahead to his main stage set.

You played to a 80,000-strong crowd last weekend, does the amount of fans at your gigs not phase you anymore?
“I am always overwhelmed when people can not only be bothered to turn up but dig in deep and stay until the end.”

You are soon returning to your old stomping ground and playing the main stage at Clapham Common’s favourite carnival South West Four, what can we expect from you there?
“Doing South West Four in my own manor, it is a real privilege to play it. I’ve been on and off of the main stage for years and the line-up this year is one of the best.

“When you have quality acts like Maya Jane Coles, Black Coffee, Damian Lazurus and The Ancient Moons, you are going to experience sound, new music and a real vibe… to finish it off with The Chemical Brothers and their visual aspects as well as their music is just going to be fantastic. I’m really proud to be a part of the main stage line-up.”


You embrace social media and the latest digital trends, will you be live streaming South West Four as well as your final night at Space?
“Yeah, sure. I don’t notice the cameras and I don’t want to notice them. It’s a double-edged sword, I know the purpose of it all but I would always rather people be there to get the full vibe benefit. Some people tune in and when you are playing a record that continues for eight minutes they get bored. When you’re there on the night, it’s totally different. On streaming, people want the bangs and cannons, they watch 32 seconds but I’ve been spinning for five hours!”

Do you have anything special planned for South West Four that you can tell us about?
“Sometimes things just happen. I remember the last time I played the main stage and it pissed down. All day other DJs had blue skies and the sun was shining, I came on and the heavens opened, hoodies came up but they stayed until the very end. That’s what I love – true British grit. But hopefully the sun will be shining. At Space, unfortunately special things aren’t going to happen for that much longer.”

South West Four Festival will be taking place on Clapham Common across the August Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday 27 and Sunday 28). Check availability and book now at

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