Everything you need to know about BMTH’s UK tour supports

Bring Me The Horizon have just confirmed the bands that will be supporting them on their upcoming UK tour.

Now, they could’ve taken the easy route and chosen two bands they’ve played with before. A bit of metalcore, perhaps, some easily digestible breakdowns here and there. But instead, they’ve created a bill that caters for today’s intricate and complex rock fan.

First up are Bedford boys Don Broco, who recently released their new video for Everybody. This foursome like to dance, weave serious pop hooks into their sound and champion big melodies.

Then there’s Basement; the Ipswich emo punks recently returned from hiatus with a brilliant album in 2016’s Promise Everything. On the surface, they couldn’t be further from BMTH’s huge radio rock sound. But unravel their layers of hardcore, punk and emo, and Basement are passionate storytellers with an unapologetic aggression that’s akin to this tour’s headliners.

Basement - "Aquasun" (Official Music Video)

Leaving the tour poster looking a whole lot like this:


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