Backstreet’s back, alright!

After the roaring success of The Big Reunion, which spawned a UK wide tour and saw British bands Five, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, B*witched, 911 and the Honeyz reunite we are seeing more and more bands reforming and taking to the stage.

This Friday tickets to see the legendary boy band The Backstreet Boys go on sale, supported by none other than the unconventional girl group of the era, All Saints.

Other reforming (or conjoining bands) of recent months include the Irish crooners Boyzone, MyFly and Busted in one tidy package, plus we have witnessed Fleetwood Mac back on the road – and just this week 80s The Look of Love stars ABC announced three dates in the UK next year. Plus, while their music careers might be behind them, a certain Geordie duo never really went away.

So, why are so many bands putting the past behind them and taking their still perky selves back on to the stage for another round of endless shows, crazy fans and media speculation?

Okay so it’s the money, but a simple ‘send us your favourite songs of the 90s’ email in the office made for one happy day (and one very full inbox of some of the best, and very worst songs to grace the charts). This may well be down to the er, um, average age of the people in our office, but the truth is we all love a trip down memory lane and the 90s provided some of us with the soundtrack to our teenage years.

For that we salute you all –  from  Backstreet Boys to House of Pain, you gave us music to jump around to, cry to, laugh with, laugh at, and above all sing along with on the old karaoke machine.

In honour of the return of the… Backstreet Boys (you thought I was going to say Mac didn’t you), we have put together a little mixtape of some of our favourite 90s classics.

Why not visit us on Twitter and Facebook, join in the fun and let us know your favourites. You can also check out our Pinterest board right here for a dose of 90s classics from Buffy to Ninja Turtles! So take a minute, just sit right there…