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Album of the Week: Georgia

Inside her second album, Seeking Thrills, a jubilant electro-pop triumph.

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London record producer, singer-songwriter and drummer Georgia embarks on a journey of self-discovery set to dancefloor-filling electro beats and synth-pop hooks on her highly anticipated sophomore album, Seeking Thrills.

The follow-up to her self-titled 2015 debut combines upbeat retro notes layered with electronic effects, piano melodies, and dance-pop vocals.

Known for her drumming work (Kate Tempest, Kwes and others), Georgia explands on her love affair with 80s techno and Chicago house beats. As the daughter of Leftfield co-founder Neil Barnes, it’s easy to see where some of her inspirations originate.

There’s a euphoria to her catchy synth-pop, mirroring the cathartic release offered by nights spent dancing in clubs with friends.

The album is refreshing, flipping between hip-hop inspired tracks like Mellow – a collaboration with Shygirl and heavy on the scuzzy auto-tuned vocals – and Never Let You Go or Ray Guns which sit firmly in the lively, pop genre.

The nostalgic trill of the aptly titled The Thrill offers up a retro vibe while album stand-out Started Out feels very ’80s with silky synths and fuzzing bass notes which wouldn’t be out of place at a late-night dancehall.

Georgia - Never Let You Go (Official Video)

Hazy Honey Dripping Sky is as close to a brooding ballad as it gets, in the final moments shifting gear for the inclusion of electro-effects and drum machines.

Across the release, her sound is magnetic and in parts experimental, as she explores the many facets of underground electro. Seeking Thrills’ genre fusion is fresh and exhilarating, a leap forward for the star.

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Side A
1. Started Out
2. About Work The Dancefloor
3. Never Let You Go
4. Mellow (feat. Shygirl)
5, Til I Own It
6. I Can’t Wait
1. Feel It
2. Ultimate Sailor
3. Ray Guns
4. The Thrill (feat. Maurice)
5. Honey Dripping Sky

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