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Album of the Week: Catfish and The Bottlemen

Listen to the indie-favourites third album, The Balance.

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Sticking to the formula they’ve become known – and loved – for, Welsh guitar band Catfish and The Bottlemen return with their third album, The Balance.

Much like their previous releases, The Balance is full of catchy mega riffs, soaring sing-a-long chorus’, quips about girls and generic indie musings about life, love and times on the road.

Recorded in Ireland with Jacknife Lee (U2, R.E.M., the Killers, Robbie Williams, One Direction, Taylor Swift + more) at Grouse Lodge studios and released via Island Records and Capitol Records, the band unveiled singles Longshot, Fluctuate and 2all to support the record.

Much like the band’s third single, Kathleen, Longshot is a real highlight of this record, following a similar template of brooding verse leading to memorable chorus.

Encore philosophically details a relationship, while percussion heavy Fluctuate – which has already had many live outings over the past year – and Sidetrack shift gears, with domineering drums upping the ante into big choruses.

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Longshot

The band have been a staple at UK festivals since their 2014 debut, The Balcony, bringing their award-winning sound to fans around the world with their relentless touring, which is set to continue in May across the UK.

The Llandudno four-piece – led by the ever-charismatic indie-drawler Van McCann – continue to offer up huge sing-a-long tunes, perfect for belting out en masse this summer.

The album’s radio-friendly guitar pop makes for the perfect continuation to the sound they’ve honed over the past five years, creating three timeless albums full of nostalgic pop-rock hooks and future stadium fillers.

The band recently added new dates in Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds which go on sale on Friday 3 May 2019. Find tickets to all other upcoming Catfish and The Bottlemen dates here. [Find tickets]

1. Longshot
2. Fluctuate
3. 2all
4. Conversation
5. Sidetrack
6. Encore
7. Basically
8. Intermission
9. Mission
10. Coincide
11. Overlap

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