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Album of the Week: Arlo Parks

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Earlier this year, London up-and-comer Arlo Parks unveiled her debut EP, Super Sad Generation, turning more than a few heads and cementing her as one to watch over the months that followed. Now, her Sophie EP collates a number of single releases since with new track Paperbacks, all demonstrating her sombre, occasionally macabre yet over-soulful compositions. Ultimately, it is as intriguing as it is beautiful.

Merging fantasy and reality, her latest EP is packed full of soulful confessions and creative stories. At its core, the 19-year-old singer and poet tackles everyday issues like romance, heartbreak and mental health in a unique and awe-inspiring way, underpinned by her wistful vocals and a production that pushes her tones to the very forefront.

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Arlo Parks - Angel's Song

Her lyrics are insightful and optimistic, sat against analog-sounding synths, fizzing bass and twanging guitars. From Earl Sweatshirt and Sufjan Stevens to Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg, her genre-spanning inspirations across music and literary icons can certainly be heard, and yet it all feels refreshingly new.

Lead single George, first released in the summer of 2019, demonstrates a subtle R&B vibe, followed by Second Guessing‘s bittersweet sadness.

The EP’s title track appeared in October 2019 and details the realities of everyday struggles, while Angel’s Song presents a harsh, unabashed take on love and depression, complete with cracking distortion that elevates the raw nature of the track.

Though her vocals are the star, her masterful storytelling is what makes her a much-needed voice of a generation.

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1. Second Guessing
2. George
3. Sophie
4. Angel’s Song
5. Paperbacks

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